Heat treatment plant for protecting wood from damage



Wood packaging material and simply wood which is used for international trade nowadays is expected to be subjected for heat treatment first before using for any purpose. According to International Convention For the Protection of Plants of FAO; all countries require to use debarked wood only after treating it with thermal process to avoid damage to the wood and damage due to the wood.

Heat treatment of wood is beneficial in two ways –

• Reducing the problems to international trade
• To facilitate pest control in forest from other countries

How does the process of heat treatment go on?

In saw mills, industrial packaging and vegetable packaging sectors, the process of heat treatment of wood is carried out into heat treatment plant. The wood is first dried and then subjected to the thermal treatment plant. The core of the wood is heated up to 56 degree centigrade for 30 minutes and then cooled down. It is called direct method of heating.
The material is cooled down before being taken out from the heat treatment plant. For this, the temperature is reduced up to third in order to allow drying of the wood.

Heat treatment plants are order with certain specifications. The specifications of importance for heat treatment plant are as follows –
• Fuel which is to be used such as diesel/ natural gas or electricity
• Capacity of heat treatment plant
• Kind of heating media to be used as dryer
• Preferred type of construction such as insulated panel chamber or civil construction

On the basis of above specifications, any heat treatment plant manufacturer and supplier can help you with the best product. You should select the best according to your choice and purchase the one with advance technical specifications. The specifications should be chosen the best in order to meet the criteria of IPPC.